Monday, June 06, 2022

trail update

Trails are in great shape. Lots of rain means more wet spots than typical.

Mike M from Gearheads has been taking the lead on pruning back the trails, and you will notice new direction signs! These will be put up over the summer, as there are hundreds of them. The Trailforks app is still your best bet for navigating the trails.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Enduro is back!

August 7th! Back after a covid hiatus, the Enduro is back as part of the Petawawa Water and Dirt Festival. Details at Gearheads in Petawawa. 

More to come. 

Spring conditions

Trails are good to ride. We are in that nice time between when the snow is gone but the mud is not out yet. The ground is still frozen underneath, so riding is best early in the day, as on warm days the top will thaw and get soft and muddy. 

If you arrive on a particularly soft and mucky day, please ride elsewhere. There is a small window of a couple days as the thaw comes out that the trails are soup, and your ruts will last all summer.

Spring cleaning has not happened yet, so you will find lots of sticks and some trees down. Please throw off anything you can, as it helps speed up the whole process!

We are always looking for people to take a walk with the leaf blower. Get in touch with Gearheads in Petawawa if you can help out.

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Winter biking

Fat biking is good at FLT! There is a short snowshoe loop that aligns with the Orange loop (or shorter) for 6km, and another 6km Red/Swamp Overlook. 

New this year, we will pack each loop with a Snowdog groomer. Please do not ride on the groomed cross country ski trails. Crossing trails is ok, riding along the ski trails is not!

Saturday, November 13, 2021

New trail, bridges gone!

The beaver dam totally blew out again and destroyed our bridge crossing, so this is a good time to officially unveil several new trail sections and some re-direction on old trails to avoid this area.

The bridges over the beaver pond have been removed and are no longer passable and will not be replaced.

Instead, a new trail runs along the swamp all the way around to Flat Pass and continues to the blue ski trail, kicking you out near the Pines. You will see several sections of trail closed with caution tape and new arrows in key spots. Debris is piled up to close old trails and steer you onto the new ones. Please do not remove any of that. 

The new trails are freshly leaf blown today, although the new trails need some finishing touches still to remove some small stumps and fill in some holes. The trail will be soft, but the only way to improve it is to ride it, so get out there!

The trail map is not accurate anymore, but the new trails are on Trailforks app, which is the best way to navigate in Forest Lea. 

The Pines will get some new trail as well, to turn that into a cohesive loop, since we are entering it from the ski trail side now. 

Plans for new signs next year.