Horse riders

The Forest Lea mountain bike trails are built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. Horseback riders are directed to the double wide ski trails. Please stay off of the singletrack. Horse use is not permitted.

There are two reasons for this: as purpose built mountain bike trails, bike riders travel up to 30km/hour in tight trails, and do not expect to see you on horseback. Collision and spook hazard is very high, putting your horse, you and the bike rider at risk.

Second, the bridges will not hold a horse! They are built with 2x4 and 1/4 inch slats. They are NOT designed to hold you and your horse! You risk injuring your horse and destroying the bridges, which creates a hazard for all future trail users.

There are 12 km of double track ski trails for your use, plus all of the dirt access roads that extend beyond Forest Lea. For your own safety and for the safety of the bike riders who come from across the region to ride here, please stay off of the singletrack trails.