Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tempo Tuesday update June 29

This week's tempo group found the Locksley loop under construction! Next week is scheduled for Murphy Rd. (Petawawa) as normal, at which time we will decide on a new location for the other weeks. As usual, all are welcome, even if you are not interested in riding fast.

o faster fitness rideo 1 hour, 30-40 km/hr (start slow and speed up!)o multiple loops on race-type circuito pace line ridingo all are welcome, even if you have limited experience – this is the place to learn!o lap 1 controlled at 30 km/hr, lap 2 controlled at 34 km/hr, lap 3+ open…a fast and slower group usually forms o helmets required6 pm startLocations:Petawawa - Murphy Rd., West of Hwy 17, Right on Rantz, park at gravel pit. Ride Murphy/Rantz, 6km loop