Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FL adopt a trail

I am looking for volunteers to adopt a section of the Forest Lea trails. This is a great chance to contribute to the trails you ride. Your time commitment is modest and on your own schedule. Quite simply, the trail network has grown too large and now takes many people to take care of it.

How it works: As a trail steward, you would volunteer for a ‘section’ of singletrack, such as Deer Run or Upper Maple Syrup. Some sections are only 400m, and others longer (or you can take a couple sections). Your obligation is to 2 maintenance cycles and ongoing:

1 – in the next 2 weeks walk your section and clear branches and debris from the trail

2 – at the end of June prune back the new growth

As well as on an ongoing basis, if while riding the trails you find a branch down on your section, you will stop and throw it clear (as opposed to most riders, who just ride over trail junk).

Full details will be provided when you sign up. Tools can be provided if needed, but this adopt-a-trail is based around the idea of pruners and a leaf rake. Any major work (large tree down) you report to me and I will take care of it with a chain saw etc.

Contact Jeff Jackson jacksoj [at] algonquincollege [dot] com to sign up. I will assign you a section and send detailed instructions.

Thanks! This is going to make our trails more awesome sooner in the season!