Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter biking at Forest Lea Trails

Winter bikers are welcome to ride at Forest Lea Trails, only on the snowshoe trails that are marked with Yellow Circles. There is an approx 2k and a 4k marked loop, that start where the summer bike trails start. Snowshoers do a reasonable job of keeping it packed.

Riding on the groomed ski trails at Forest Lea is totally uncool, totally not allowed, and will totally get us in trouble with the ski club. Snowshoe trails only. The summer bike trails use many of the ski trails (in summer) as connectors, so the original bike loops are off limits in winter. Please please please respect this as I get an earfull everytime a rogue biker goes on the ski trails.

If you are looking for more mileage, ride out the gravel road at Forest Lea. It is closed to traffic and gets packed by snowmobiles. It connects to miles of non-sanctioned sno-mo trails. Prime biking.