Tuesday, April 28, 2015

we need to quantify our trail use: contribute to FLT

Late last year we launched a contribution option to FLT. At that time, we had people asking how they could financially contribute to the trails they ride. Thanks to all of you.

FLT is free to ride and always will be. Trails are not free to make. It takes about 3 hours to build 100m of trail, and there are 32,000m of trail at FLT. Building is done by a few volunteers using high end power tools that need to be purchased and maintained. The only source of revenue for FLT is the enduro, which only in the last 3 years has actually covered the cost of insuring and maintaining the trails.

But there is more than money to this. In dealing with the MNR and permits, their first question is 'how many people use the trails?'. I have an estimate, but it is time we get an actual list in place to quantify our use of the valuable community resource FLT has become. This will be important the next time the forest is scheduled for logging.

By contributing to FLT you make a statement that you value this public resource and you believe it is important to our riding community. Consider the $20 a trail pass or a donation or whatever. Ultimately it assists our efforts to provide great trails to ride.

You can pay online $20 (flat fee) or drop cash off at GearHeads in Petawawa. Get your friends on board too. I hope to get 200 names on a list to show who uses the FLT.
Link here: https://zone4.ca/reg.asp?id=9226